2015 Terrarium Build-Off

Apr 27, 2015

terrarium_4On Friday April 24th, 2015, the Hospitality and Tourism Management Department hosted its spring social event. This year’s theme: HTM Terrarium Build-Off. This event came to fruition due to the increase in interest in terrariums made by Department Chair, Dr. Juline Mills, who had developed numerous terrariums on display in the Hazell Nut Café and Hospitality and Tourism Management Office.

Dr. Mills began the workshop by demonstrating how to successfully construct a terrarium, while also providing tips on how to properly care for them. Students learned the importance of layering rocks, charcoal and soil in a strategic way to allow the plant to not only absorb water and sunlight, but also to let excess water drain to the bottom without soaking the plant. Each student was then able to display their creative side by decorating and designing the top of the terrarium with items such as stones, moss, and figurines. It was a fun and enjoyable evening for all who attended.

terrarium_7 terrarium_6 terrarium_5 terrarium_3 terrarium_2 terrarium_1

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