16196076_1458386144180826_8474775908342977735_nimage001On Sunday, December 27th, 2016, students and faculty from the HTM Department and other disciplines in the University embarked on a 2-week journey throughout the beautiful and unique region of Southeast Asia. The trip, lead by Dr. Juline Mills and Chris Gentile from HTM and Prof. Rosa Mo from Nutrition and Dietetics, visited four different countries in the Southeast Asia region which included Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Students experienced the different sights, smells, cultures, languages, foods, and customs of all four countries through different planned activities and trips throughout the two weeks. “One of my most memorable moments was at the Batu caves in Malaysia. I actually made it to the top and the view was just amazing” says UNH student Emmi Silver ” I also loved visiting all the temples and learning about all the different religions”.

Excursion’s in the trip included a city tour of Hanoi, Vietnam, a canal cruise and bug tasting experience in Bangkok, Thailand, and a quick trip to the S.E.A Aquarium in Singapore, just to name a few.

Students and faculty alike had an amazing time and enjoyed all the great things Southeast Asia had to offer them. Many of the students proclaimed their new love for the different countries and their hope to return in the near future.

Check out below the amazing student captured photos from the trip!

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