A Real Mock-Wedding

Apr 30, 2016

mockwedding_2Here at UNH, we never stop thinking about how to give our students real-world experiences and the Catering and Event Management course is no exception. Weddings are big business (the average cost of a wedding in Connecticut is over $40,000) and many of our students want to break into the industry as planners and consultants. So, what better way to expose them to world of wedding planning than to actually plan a wedding?

mockwedding_1On April 24th, Anna Mercaldi and Nick Rousso, were “married” on the lawn next to South Campus Hall. The bride wore off-white, walked up a rose-peddle laden aisle carrying a bouquet of white roses. The couple took their first kiss under an organza-laced arch studded with white mums. Shades of purple and casual elegance guided the students as they planned event. The students, in consultation with the bride and groom, planned and cooked the menu including baking mini-wedding cakes from scratch.

Other key features of the class included guest lectures on cake decorating and destination weddings. Perhaps the highlight of the semester was the students trying their hand at assembling and decorating a wedding cake of their own. Below are some of their creations.

mockwedding_5 mockwedding_4 mockwedding_3

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