Faculty Research

The faculty at the Hospitality and Tourism Management department have authored over a 100 research publications including scholarly publications, conference proceedings, and industry news items. Most recent faculty research and media related publications, conference and other presentations within the last eight years include:

Recent Publications

  • Mills, J. E. (2016). (In Press). Event Management by the Numbers. In:  Fried, G. B., Mumcu, C. (2016). Sport Analytics: A data-driven approach to sport business and management. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Publishing.

  • Petrick, G. (2016). “America’s Garden of Eden: The Salinas Valley and the Mass Production of Iceberg Lettuce,” Association for the Study of Environment, Space, and Place, Southern Connecticut University, New Haven CT, 29 April 2016.

  • Birasnav, M., Mittal, R., and Loughlin, S. (2015) “Linking Leadership Behaviors and Information Exchange to Improve Supply Chain Performance: A Conceptual Model;” Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 16 (2): 205-217; ISSN 0972-2696.

  • Petrick, G. (2015, November, 25). The Asian Roots of Umami – The ‘Fifth’ Taste Central to Thanksgiving Fare. The Conversation. https://theconversation.com/the-asian-roots-of-umami-the-fifth-taste-central-to-thanksgiving-fare-50699 Invited publication.

  • Petrick, G. (2015, October 10). “Discovering Umami,” Society for the History of TechnologyAlbuquerque, NM. 

  • Petrick, G. (2015). “Tasting History,” in Nutrition and Sensation edited by Alan R. Hersch (London: Taylor & Francis, 2015). Invited publication.

  • Barneby, C.; Mills, J.E. (2015). The Sustainable Restaurant: Does it Exist? Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Food, Beverages and Gastronomy. Editors: Philip Sloan and Willy Legrand.

  •  Phelan, K.V.; Mills, J.E., Douglas, A.C. & Aday, J. (2013). Digital Personalities: An Examination of the Online identity of Travel and Tourism Websites. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, 4(3), 248-262.

  •  Zheng, T., Farrash, J., Lee, M. L., and Yu, H. (2013). Is the gaming industry still recession-proof?: A time series with intervention analysis of gaming volume in Iowa. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 25 (7), 1135 – 1152.

  • Goldberg, M.A., Reis, C., Lee, M.L., and Summa-Rabtoy, K. (2012). Restaurant Reviewer Liability for Defamation in a Global Context. Journal of Business and Economics Research, 10(1), 53-62.

  •  Mills, J. E. (2012). The Myths and Realities of Social Networking in Online Travel Promotion: Assessing the Impact of Facebook in U.S. State Tourism Promotion. Proceedings of the Annual World Congress of Emerging InfoTech. Dailan, China, August 2012.

  • Lee, M. L., and Mills, J. E. (2012). Fleeting fantasies, fads, fashion, and the future: a 20 year tourism web trend analysis. Proceedings of the Annual World Congress of Emerging InfoTech.Dailan, China, August 2012.

  •  Fried, G.; Pittman, A.; Milsten, A., Abell, A. & Mills, J. E. (2012). Don’t Sit There…Or There…Or There: An Analysis of Ball Park Protection and Foul Ball Injury Risks. International Journal of Sport Management.

  • Byun, S. & Mills, J. E. (2011, January/February). Exploring the Creation of Learner-centered E-training Environments among Retail Workers: A Model Development Perspective. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 4(1-2), 65-69.

  •  Phelan, K.V., & Mills, J.E. (2011). An Exploratory Study of the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Needed in Undergraduate Hospitality Curriculums in the Convention. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, 10(1), 96 – 116.

  • Mills, J. E., Douglas, A. C., & Phelan, K.V. (2010). Branding Smooth Sailing: Assessing the Power of Brand Equity on Cruise Passengers’ Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions. Tourism Management, 27(7), 649 – 675.

  • Mills, J. E.; Meyers, M. & Byun, S. (2010). Embracing Broadscale Applications of Biometric Technologies in Hospitality and Tourism: Is the Business Ready? Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, 1(3), 245-256.

  •  Lee, J. & Mills, J.E (2010). Exploring Tourist Satisfaction with Mobile Technology. International Management Review, 6 (1), 92-102.

  • Boronico, J. S., Murdy, J., and Loughlin, S. (2009) “Bundling and Small Business Operations, Journal of Business and Economics Research, 7(1), 1-12.

  • Stepchenkova, S. & Mills, J. E. (2009). Destination image: A meta-analysis of 2000-2007 research.Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 19(6), 575 – 609.

  • Phelan, K.V., Mills, J.E., Kavanaugh, R.R. & Jang, S. (2009). Current Convention Course Offerings at the Top 25 Ranked Hospitality Management Undergraduate Programs: An Analysis of Objectives, Instructional Delivery and Assessment Methods. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 9, 37-62.

  • Byun, S., Ruffini, C., Mills, J. E, Douglas, A., Niang, M., Stepchenkova, S., Lee, S. K., Loufti, J., Lee, J.-K., Atallah, M., & Blanton, M. (2008). Meta-synthesis of Empirical Studies on Internet Addiction. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 12(2), 203-207.

  • Douglas, A. C., Mills, J. E., Niang, M., Stepchenkova, S., Byun, S., Ruffini, C., Lee, S. K., Loutfi, J., Lee, J.-K., Atallah, M., & Blanton, M. (2008). Internet addiction: A qualitative meta-synthesis of 1996-2006 research. Computer in Human Behavior, 24(6), 3027-3044.

  • Mills, J. E., Han, J. & Clay, J. M. (2008). Accessibility of Hospitality and Tourism Websites: A Challenge for Visually Impaired Persons. The Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Management Quarterly, 49 (1), 28-41.

  • Mills, J. E. & Thomas, L. (2008). A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach to Assessing Customer Expectations of Restaurant Menus. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 32 (1), 62-88.

  • Mills, J. E., Tyrrell, B., Werner, W., Woods, R., & Scales, M. (2008). Cybergriping: Violating the Law While E-Complaining. FIU Hospitality Review, 26 (1), 55-72.

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