The Facility

Jeffery’s Fusion Restaurant provides another opportunity for students to engage in experiential education. Located in Harugari Hall 106, Jeffery’s Fusion Restaurant is a training ground where students gain experience as a manager in training of both front (dining room) and back (kitchen) of the house operations. Experiences gained include dining room set-up, theme development, waitstaff, food runner, menu development, marketing, food preparation, service execution, clean-up, and sanitation procedures. The kitchen is equipped with a walk-in refrigerator, walk-in freezer and a dish room, while the front of the house sports both a dry storage closet and a beverage preparation room.

The HTMG 3358 Foodservice Operations course involves the operation of the restaurant one day per week, for lunch service to allow students to interact with customers through the offering of a complete four course meal. Front of the house employees must learn to communicate effectively with back of the house to expedite courses and reduce customer wait times. The HTMG 3356 Foodservice Management course focuses on the theory and practice behind service style, finances and menu development as they relate to the execution of the weekly lunch service.

HTMG 3303 Fieldwork II (200 hours) provides the opportunity for students to manage Jeffery’s Fusion Restaurant. Management teams are responsible for linen orders, inventory, purchasing for all Jeffery’s Fusion Events and HTM lab courses and Jeffery’s Fusion Events, working with clients on both on- and off- campus catering events, menu development, banquet event orders, accounting and theme development. Positions available to students include general manager, assistant general manager, purchasing and inventory manager, and catering manager.

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