Community Service

As part of the degree requirements for graduation, hospitality students complete a 1-credit (200 hours) service requirement. HTM students learn by helping others, usually by doing volunteer work for off-campus non-profit organizations, such as soup kitchens, breast cancer walks etc. The goal of service-learning is to permit students to use service in relevant community agencies to enhance their hospitality education. Departmental approval is required for each activity.


Learning Objectives

  • Provide students with exposure to the varying community-related issues that impact directly and/or indirectly hospitality and tourism businesses
  • Develop community-based values within students and their role as business managers within a community

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop related civic skills
  • Develop awareness of community issues
  • Develop an understanding of community resources and organizations and their impact on the hospitality industry
  • Develop awareness of students themselves as strong resources within the community

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