Student Projects

Student classroom instruction for Hospitality majors includes both individual and team work projects from freshman through senior year. Our students work on a variety of industry case studies learning various business analysis techniques. Hospitality business development is a core feature of our program. Students therefore develop key business planning documents leading to a portfolio of projects.


Sophomore Year

  • Restaurant Cost and Control Plan (HTMG2225)
  • Bar/Club Development and Operation Plan (HTMG3315)

Junior Year

  • Destination Sales and Marketing Plan (HTMG3325) | Download Sample
  • Convention and Meetings Manual (HTMG3335)
  • Tourism Destination Development Plan (HTMG3340) | Download Sample: Part 1 | Part 2
  • Catered Wedding Management Plan (HTMG3345)

Senior Year

  • Hotel/Resort Development Plan (HTMG4420) | Download Sample
  • Business Consultation and Development Plan (HTMG4420) | Download Sample: Part 1 | Part 2
  • Restaurant Development and Management Plan (HTMG4445)
  • Hotel/Resort Operations Manual (HTMG4480)

Sample Project Presentations

  • Sustainable Tourism Development Project Proposal (Winning proposal – Caribbean Week Student Symposium May 2011) | Download

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