“From Student to Manager” by Thomas Miller

Mar 12, 2015

Thomas Miller describes his transition into the Assistant General Manager and Purchasing Manager at the Hazell Nut Café for the Spring 2015 semester.

thomasWhen first arriving at the University of New Haven in the Fall of 2014, I was eager to better my knowledge of the business side of the Foodservice sector within the hospitality industry. Flying under the radar for the first half of the semester, I was approached and given the opportunity to assist the Jeffery’s Fusion management team by acting as the interim purchasing manager for the remainder of that semester. After finding out that I enjoyed the management role I was placed in, I realized I wanted to grow my management skills within the department.  I then took the initiative to request the position of Purchasing Manager for the Hazell Nut Café for the Spring 2015 semester. This position was added on top of my assigned position as the Assistant General Manager. Throughout my experience so far as a manager of the Hazell Nut Café, I have learned how to properly develop purchase orders, conduct physical inventory and utilize sales data to assess how well products are selling. Taking on 5 classes, a full-time job outside of school, and commuting to New Haven on a weekly basis, I have further developed my time management skills as I needed to assure that I complete my academic work while evolving from the average student to a student manager.  I am now able to also assist other hospitality students seeking guidance and motivation to better themselves. In one academic school year, I’ve gone from a what I thought was a normal, commuter student, to an experienced manager that seeks to help others.

Hazell Nut Café Spring 2015 Management Team:

  • Kevin Baranowski, General Manager
  • Thomas Miller, Assistant General Manager and Purchasing Manager
  • Alexandria Hryszko, Pizza and Marketing Manager
  • Myles Brown, Café and Marketing Manager


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