image002For the third year, Students were able to journey to the University of New Haven’s satellite campus in the historic city of Prato, located in the Tuscan region of Italy. The campus, which opened in fall of 2012, provides an exceptional place were students can both live and learn, without the disruption of heavy local tourist areas. The University of New Haven continues to foster a friendly relationship with the city of Prato and its locals, which makes it an ideal location for students to truly immerse themselves into the culture, practice their Italian, and discover the Italy not many visitors get to experience; Prato is truly the perfect example of an authentic Italian city. During the summer study abroad program, Students got the opportunity to visit many key historical and picturesque parts of Italy, such as the Vatican City, Florence Market, the many wineries of the region, and so many more that Italy has to offer.

The courses offered during this trip included both HTMG 3307 Cultural Understanding of Food and Cuisine course and HTMG 3305 Wine Appreciation. Both courses used the local region to its teaching advantage, as many of the excursions correlated with a lesson from class. This month-long trip is the perfect opportunity for any student, undergraduate or graduate, who not only wants to travel and experience a different culture, but also receive credit towards the completion of their degree as well.

Below are some amazing student-taken photos from our recent 2017 trip:

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