Joseph Parisi ’15

Hometown: Granville, Ohio


Alumni PicWhat are you currently doing, and how did you get there?

Currently, I am the Rooms Leader in Development at the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale. Through this management program, I am both a Front Office manager and a Housekeeping manager. I began working for Omni Hotels and Resorts early in 2014, after leaving my campus position as a Resident Assistant. At the time, I took the only open position, which was an On-Call Banquet Server. Knowing I wanted to work with Omni, I waited until a Front Desk Agent position opened, and landed the job that summer. After finishing my coursework in December, 2014, I was given the opportunity of participating in Omni’s management program, and am loving the experience. I will complete the LID program in September, and move to another Omni in October, 2015.

How did UNH prepare you for life after college?

UNH is a known leader in Experiential Learning, and this is truly critical in a field where relevant experience is everything. The hospitality program requires a 200 hour community service commitment, 400 hours’ worth of field experiences, and a 600 hour internship. Upon graduating, I had a documented 1200 hours of valuable experience, not to mention the countless hours spent managing Jeffery’s Fusion Restaurant, and the countless hours volunteering at Fusion events throughout my 4 years. In addition, many courses are set up with real life projects, requiring you to build a business, manage its financials, and work with a team of your peers. All of it has direct influence on your career after UNH.

What are some of your favorite memories about your time at UNH?

UNH is a small enough school where you can meet a lot of people, from a lot of different majors. I have too many great and even crazy memories to count, and I cherish them all. From all night study sessions to all night parties, UNH was a great home for 4 years. The hospitality major is a tight-knit family, and I will likely hold on to these relationships forever.

What advice would you give to prospective students and their families?

Do not be afraid to ask questions; ask all the questions. Prospective students and incoming freshman (including me at the time) are too worried about fitting in and doing things right. There is no right, and there are no bad questions. In fact, the people that stand out, and are unashamedly themselves are the coolest kids on campus. When looking at schools, make sure the programs are want you want, and don’t ignore that gut feeling that you would fit in or belong. That feeling, that “this is it” moment, is what brought me to UNH, and look at me now!


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