Sthefanie Velez Colon ’16

Hometown: Orange, New Jersey
Concentration: Event and Tourism Management

 11016768_10206159386170765_505543210_nHow would you describe your transition from high school?

I was very comfortable transitioning from high school. I came from a private all-girls school in New Jersey that was very competitive when it came to academics. UNH did a great job showing me what it has to offer to its students besides academics. From accepted student day and SOAR I knew that the transition from high school into UNH was going to be as smooth as possible. Whenever I had a question, I knew I would get it answered in a timely manner.

What do you think UNH’s greatest feature is?

UNH’s greatest feature is size of the campus and the student body. It is small enough that you can walk from one part to another in a short amount of time. The size of the student body is perfect because you know most of the people you study with, yet there is always someone new to meet.

Do you have any future plans?

My future plan is to first work at a hotel so that I can work in different areas of it to see which aspect I like better. I also want to travel, maybe go to another country for a year. Eventually I want to be an independent event coordinator and settle down.

Why UNH?

I chose UNH because the hospitality program seemed like it would challenge me, which I was completely correct about. I did not want to attend a school that was only going to teach me things I can find in a textbook.  I would rather be at a Café or a restaurant learning how to run the establishment, instead of just reading about it in a book. 

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